Fitness is not about making drastic changes and uprooting your entire life. It’s about finding what’s best for you and making small changes. More than anything, fitness should fit your lifestyle.

About Emily

Emily is a 25-year old, fitness professional working as a coach and personal trainer. If she’s not at work or the gym, you can find her checking out a local coffee shop or outside relaxing in the hammock or hiking a new trail. Through a combination of educational, science based information and applicable tips, as well as sharing her life experiences, Emily hopes to guide you to fitting fitness into your lifestyle!

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Listen to short episodes on topics ranging from nutrition to fitness to lifestyle! Hear some of Emily’s personal experiences as she relates them to scientifically-based information in a way everyone can understand!


Looking for more information on a topic? Blog posts are filled with easy to understand information, but are also linked to outside sources so you can learn more!


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It starts with one. One meal, one workout, one step toward making fitness your lifestyle. Eventually that one becomes two, and two becomes three. Before you know it, you’ve made massive change without an overnight overhaul.


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