The Missing Piece

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  • 10 Lessons from Outside the Classroom
    Here we go, friends! The first official episode of The Missing Piece. In this episode, I discuss 10 lessons that I've learned outside of the classroom. Grab a pen and paper, if anything strikes you jot it down and refer to it later! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @emilymeyer_13 for daily tweets, motivation and insight into my personal life!
  • Welcome to my Channel
    Welcome to my podcast! I'm very excited to finally be bringing you information about health, fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, and everything in between. After figuring out a few technical errors, I think I have this down so hopefully you all are as excited as I am to explore this crazy fitness and nutrition world, as well as incorporate pieces of it into your puzzle. In this episode, I give you a little background about who I am and give you a small teaser of what's to come on the podcast. If you want more before the next episode, check me out here: http://www.emilymeyerfitness.com Twitter: @emilymeyer_13 Instagram: @emilymeyer_13